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The Year of Rock N' Roll!

As we part ways to see our beloved supporting families this holiday.. I can’t help but think what a magic year we have had together. A debut CD and three music videos on 7 crown Sony Orchard Records, countless shows filled with blood, sweat, & Rock N Roll! The fans we’ve met, made and rocked with... the places we’ve traveled and the magick we’ve done...

We’ve met idols that we cherish; playing side by side with Richie Ranno & the Starz, Angel, Jean Beauvoir, Cheetah Chrome & The Dead Boys and shaking Scotty Gorham’s hand just before getting the best of an all out bar brawl! Three KISS expos; being surrounded with the greatest fans of rock n roll and securing a home base for WICKED to operate out of! I hate to spend a day apart...

You never really can understand this kind of love until you live side by side, fight together, lose together, win together, laugh, cry and celebrate. There is no truer gift than this Brotherhood. #wickedrocknroll

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