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Ron Akiyama Captures The Essence of WICKED

WICKED has recently had the pleasure of being shot by The Great Rock n' Roll Photographer Ron Akiyama who is well know for not only his ability to get great live shots, but also to capture the pure energy of those performers he has worked with. this guy gets it, it's all about the passion and feeling in Rock n' Roll!

Ron has shot the likes of Rockers such as Ace Frehley, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett and many more... And now WICKED has had the honor of being added to this outstanding list.

So we would like to give Ron a big thank you, We are very appreciative and so honored to have had the chance to show you what WICKED is made of! And as you can see above he captured every bit of it!!

-Scotty V.

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