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"Meet Your Waterloo," We Can't Be Defeated!

Lizards all I can say is you've got heart, a heart full of Rock N Roll!

What is Rock N Roll? - It's the attitude, It's the people

After the lights go down on the street

These boys turn up the heat

The glamour may fade from time to time

You may find yourself in knocked off your feet

Put those leathers on in the street

Jump higher than the ceilings

And never apologize for who you are

Darwin knew you'd be alright

Glitter still shines in the night

What did you miss?!

We don't kiss and tell, but I'll tell you we've got some special tunes you can catch

at Pineapple Jacks Sat. Aug. 10th


*Don't Take My Rock N Roll

*Backseat Confidential


See you Rockers there ;)

-Chad Michael <3

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