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Our Time At The New Jersey KISS Expo

We can't express enough how rock n roll lives in every one of you!!! The KISS Army is our people and we are your rock n roll Saviors! For now we will will enjoy every last drop of these amazing legends that made our rock n roll what it is.. We're talking KISS, Angel, Jean Beauvoir, Twisted Sister... the list goes on!!! But Someone has to carry the torch and WICKED is ready! The Expos are some of our favorite things to do; we get to see all of you, and talk on a one on one level! You are the heartbeat of what keeps us rockin! And of course it wasn't too bad to meet some of our idols! The Ace Frehley Band was tight and a breath of fresh air for us hard working Rock N Rollers! We can't wait for the next event and hopefully you will all spread the word and request us for the KISS Kruise! Bring On The Rock N Roll Madness! WICKEDROCKNROLL FOREVER!!!

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